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You can make your desk taller without buying a new one.

Measure your desk height and the chair you use.

It is important to know the height of your desk and chair before you begin.

  • Measure the height of your desk.

  • Measure the height of your chair.

  • Measure the distance between them (the space between where you sit at your desk and where you put your legs on top of).

If you don’t have a tape measure, use a ruler or yardstick to figure out these measurements instead!

If your chair isn't adjustable, find one that is.

You'll also want to make sure that the height of your chair is adjustable. If you have a desk that's too low, you might find yourself leaning forward while working, which can cause back pain. An adjustable chair will allow you to sit upright in a healthy position and avoid any uncomfortable strain on your body.

Some chairs have an adjustable base but no ability to adjust the height from the seat itself; this is helpful if you are shorter or taller than average, but not so much if only one leg of the desk is higher than the other (in which case we recommend thinking about getting some risers). Other chairs have both an adjustable base and a mechanism for adjusting from within the seat itself: these tend to be more expensive and harder-to-find options, but they're worth looking into if possible because they're more convenient than having multiple pieces of furniture sitting around just so that you can use them at different heights when needed!

If all else fails and nothing seems like it'll work out right now... then just buy some books!

For a temporary fix, stack some books under your feet.

If you don't want to spend money on a taller desk, there's another solution: stacking books under your feet. Of course, it's not as simple as just stacking any old books beneath your feet you'll want to use a book that's the same height as the desk so that it doesn't leave any gaps between the surface of your feet and whatever is on top of them.

Don't use too many books (if you do this too often, it could start looking messy). The ideal number would be one or two.

Don't use an encyclopedia or dictionary it will probably be too heavy! Instead, try using something like an old textbook or book with a hard cover instead.

Use small wooden blocks as risers.

The next option to create a desk riser is to use small wooden blocks. This method will make your desk taller without altering its shape and size, so it’s perfect if you want to keep your existing desk but want it to be taller. You can use books or other items that aren't too heavy, but just make sure the block is stable enough not to slide around on the floor or move when you put pressure on it.

Swap out your desk legs for taller ones.

You can make your desk taller by swapping out the legs for taller ones. Your desk will end up a few inches higher than before, which may be all you need to achieve a more ergonomic position.

The first thing to consider is whether or not you should buy new legs at all. If they're not too expensive and/or easy enough to install, it might be worth it to just buy them rather than making do with whatever else you've got lying around. Some hardware stores sell adjustable desk legs that allow you to quickly raise or lower your desk height between 24-30 inches (60-75 cm), depending on how much of an incline works best for you. You'll also want something sturdy; otherwise, if someone bumps into your table while sitting down their chair could get caught underneath and topple over! This can be avoided by picking out something durable like metal instead of wood since there won't be any cracks where dirt could collect after repeated use."

Add a keyboard tray to your desk.

If you're looking for a simple way to make your desk taller, adding a keyboard tray is the way to do it.

A keyboard tray can be attached underneath the top of your desk in front of where you sit. This makes it easier for you to type because you don't have to crane your neck or reach over all that clutter on your desk. And if the keyboard tray is adjustable and goes down low enough, it can also help bring up any objects that are sitting lower than eye level by bringing them up to where they're more comfortable and easier to see.

Make a footrest from wood or PVC and attach it to the underside of the desk top.

A footrest is a great way to make your desk taller. It can be made from wood or PVC and attached to the underside of your desk top. Make sure it is stable and secure, comfortable, and at the right height and width for you.

Install a platform at the base of your legs to support the height of your knees or thighs.

To make your desk taller, install a platform at the base of your legs to support the height of your knees or thighs. A platform is simply a piece of wood that sits under your thighs, preventing you from slouching and giving you a solid surface to rest on. The size and shape of platforms vary widely depending on personal preference and comfort level, but they can be made from any material that's sturdy enough to hold up against weight. A block of wood or PVC is often used because it's easy work with and inexpensive; however, other options include metal bars or flat pieces (or "boards") of plastic attached under the underside of a desk top by screws or bolts through pre-drilled holes in both surfaces.

You can make your desk taller without buying a new one.

  • Adjust your chair

  • Use a footrest

  • Add risers to your desk

  • Get a keyboard tray or add one to your existing desk5. Swap out the legs for taller ones If you have an adjustable chair and work in an ergonomic position, then using a footrest is not necessary as it will be easier for you to sit up straight with less strain on your back. If you’re sitting in an office chair without any adjustments, then I recommend getting yourself one that does have those features so that you can adjust them as needed and find the most comfortable position for both your body type and posture


If you want to make your desk taller, there are plenty of options. If you do buy a new desk, look for one that is adjustable in height so that it can grow and shrink with you as your needs change over time.


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